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How Can I Help?

At getsmart4kids I can help you by;

  1. Saving you time by thinking of the ideas for your resources for you.
  2. Saving you more time turning the ideas into resources.
  3. Inviting you to request any specific learning outcome you want to cover and creating the  resources to meet that need.
  4. Offering you the service of adapting any of our resources to suit your needs.
  5. Offering you two different ways to access our resources.
  6. Method 1-  Become a member for only £4.99 for a whole year. (You will not be tied to an automatic annual subscription fee you will have the freedom to subscribe again if you wish or not.
  7.  Method 2 – You can buy any of my resources ready made using my recently added shopping cart facility.
  8. Offering you a choice of methods of payment. You can pay using your credit card as a guest shopper or you can pay with Pay Pal which has been recommended as one of the safest methods of payment you can get.


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